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As a a Reiki Master, I treat you as my own life
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From Isolation to Light: A Journey of Healing and Connection

My story began in 2010, when I arrived in Australia with a hopeful heart and an open mind. However, cultural barriers, language difficulties, and an unfamiliar lifestyle soon left me feeling isolated and lost. My health also suffered during this time. Due to a lack of opportunities and qualifications, I found myself stuck in the same job for ten long years. Lies and betrayals from colleagues, friends, and even loved ones chipped away at my spirit, deepening my longing for home.

After eight years of feeling unfulfilled, I returned to Vietnam, searching for a fresh start. It was there that I met the woman who would become my wife, Trinh. She became my anchor, my confidante, and ultimately, my savior. It was through her that I began to truly understand the meaning of life – one filled with purpose, joy, and continuous learning.

Trinh introduced me to the transformative power of love. It was this love that ignited my journey into the realms of spiritual healing. I explored various practices, including Reiki, witchcraft, and even delved into ancient texts like the Bible and Buddhist sutras. Yet, it was within the walls of a local Baptist church that I discovered the profound energy of faith and its potential for healing and manifestation. Witnessing firsthand the power of love in action, I realized my own capacity for healing others.

Today, I stand before you, not as a victim of circumstance, but as a testament to the transformative power of love and self-discovery. My experiences, both joyful and challenging, have equipped me with a unique set of tools and techniques to guide others on their own paths to healing and wholeness.

Give me the chance to walk alongside you. Together, we can explore the root of your difficulties and unveil solutions that nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Remember, love is always the answer, and with it, we can mend broken hearts and cultivate inner light.

With compassion and gratitude,


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Nam has achieved proficiency in the art of Usui and Holy Fire® Reiki, having completed both First and Second Degree placements within both lineages. This mastery extends to the skillful application of hands-on and distant healing techniques, fueled by the ignited energies of the Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbols. Through these powerful tools, Nam is now equipped to facilitate profound spiritual healing and enhance the well-being of others.
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