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My name is Raizza Encinas-Marie, also known as Madame Rberry, an energy worker based in Manila,Philippines. I currently run a holistic shop called Galerie Rberry. In my personal practice, I identify as an eclectic hedge witch — someone who prefers to practice in solitary while being one with energies of nature and someone who prefers to pick up different modalities and traditions to make a version of witchcraft that is uniquely my own. I am also a self-taught tarot reader and collector. I prefer to make spirituality and holistic wellness more approachable for newbies in the best way I know I can– through sharing of personal experience. My professional accreditations & diplomas are as listed below:

    Love & Light School under Ashley Leavy, Founder & Educational Director of the award-winning Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy —As a CCH, I am able to connect with crystal energies and to know how to utilize them for the purpose of holistic healing. I am equipped with both the knowledge on science & metaphysics of crystals and stones and is trained to use intuition in development of practical techniques to solve chakra issues. I am also able to perform crystal healing sessions and consultations & is able to recommend stones based on one’s needs.
    Natural Healer under Melissa Crowhurst, Usui Reiki Master Healer & Founder of multi board certified Natural Healer Learning Institution —As a NH, I am able to perform both in-person & Distance Reiki Healing by using myself as a conduit of Universal Life Force energy & uses that to apply holistic healing to my clients. I am able to detect chakra imbalances in one’s body and can apply Reiki to address them. My Reiki methods are mixed with practices of Tarot Reading, Crystal Healing as well as Pendulum Work
  • MOON REIKI, Certificate of Completion, Program under N. Mparalos —With Moon Reiki, I am attuned to (2) Moon Symbols that tackle both one’s Light Self & Shadow Self (Bright Side & Dark Side of the Moon) and is able to harness different moon energies for clients’ specific needs, most especially in acceptance of one’s dual nature.
  • ANGEL MAGIC, Diploma by Center of Excellence, accredited by CMA — With my Angel Magic Diploma, I am able to work on angel magic, energy manipulation,  angel sigil magic, spell casting & hex removal. I am able to delve into techniques for contacting guardian angels and the significance of sacred geometry in angel magic. I am also able to  provide an overview of angel numbers, their meanings, and various energy works, including the removal of negative energy with the sage of white light.
  • SPIRITUAL LIFE COACHING, Diploma by Center of Excellence,  accredited by CMA  — As a Spiritual Life Coach, I am able to investigate the intricate ties between spirituality, thoughts, and emotions. I utilize what I know of my clients & observe how they react to certain things in order to offer strategies that are aligned with principles of identity and self-knowledge.  I am to aid clients in their spiritual growth while also introducing that concepts of concepts of ‘manifesting’ and the ‘law of attraction’.
  • CERTIFIED SPIRITUAL HEALING ADVISOR & MEDIUM, under Sufani Garza of Place of Bliss Academy & Sanctuary — As an accredited graduate of the Place of Bliss Sanctuary course, I bring an expansive toolkit of spiritual practices and insights to my clients. My skills include understanding the intricate veil between worlds & discerning various spiritual entities such as angels and demons. I’ve mastered techniques to connect with spirit guides. My proficiency extends to healing modalities using crystals to strengthen one’s intuitive abilities and interpreting the symbolic language of totem animals. I also able to utilize my astral travel experiences to channeling and trance write. I am equipped to guide you on your spiritual journey with a promise of  comprehensive exploration into the realms beyond the ordinary.
  • HOLISTIC HERBALIST, Diploma & Accreditation, under The Academy of Ancient Magik — As a graduate of the Holistic Herbalism course, I have a comprehensive understanding of a “whole-istic” approach to herbs and their applications as well as their relations to Sacred Earth festivals, astrology, and history. I am versed in herb consciousness and the emotional aspects of herbs, as well as the relevance of herbal lore today. My training includes a detailed guide to over 30 common herbs from a holistic perspective. Additionally, I have an insightful understanding of sacred geometry in plants and how they play a role on their growth.
  • CERTIFIED CRYSTAL REIKI MASTER, program under Prof. Krishna N. Sharma, Ph.D. — Upon completing the Master Level Crystal Reiki Course, I am proficient in integrating healing crystals and stones within Reiki practices, thus elevating the healing experience. My skills encompass a deep understanding of Reiki symbols, as well as the utilization of crystal shapes and colors to augment the potency of healing sessions. Additionally, I have honed self-healing techniques and distance healing methods, empowering me to provide effective, holistic healing regardless of physical distance. My training and attunement in Crystal Reiki positions me as an adept practitioner, capable of tailoring unique healing experiences to individual needs.

Services in a Nutshell:

Crystal Healing, Crystal Consultations, Reiki Healing with several Modalities, Chakra Realignment, Spiritually Guided Personalized Crystal Bracelet Curation Services, Apothecary Custom/Commissioned Oils & Essences, Angel & Deity Petition Items, Spirit Guide Identification, Spirit Guide Connection and more

Email me at ra****@ga***********.com to inquire.

Rates as posted on my Instagram & Business Hours as posted here are for Philippine clients. Surcharge applies for International Clients.

Business Hours

10:00 am to 06:00 pm
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10:00 am to 06:00 pm
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BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines


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