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Turn Your Purpose Into Your Profits. Using The Divine Feminine Principles Of Manifestation & Goddess Money Reiki together, Grandmaster Money Reiki & Goddess Alchemy Reiki Founder & Master Healer Randina Marie, takes you on a journey of deep transformation and personal activations. Deep dive into your own money story and experience radical transformation on all levels in just 12 short weeks. You will experience the profound power of this process in your own life, you'll be compelled to be certified to work with clients to help transform their lives too. In this course you will experience powerful and transformative money healing, that will have you experiencing profound shifts in not only your money life, your entire life. Love, Health, Relationships, all of it will be transformed. Your purpose deeply activated and enhanced, and your gifts will be off the charts powerful. If you are ready to experience deep shifts, have your light body activated, and for money to flow, let's go! Goddess Alchemy Purpose To Profits™
Goddess Alchemy: Building An Empire, Fulfill Your Highest Destiny VIP PROGRAM This high level BUSINESS BUILDING VIP 1:1 Soul Purpose Program takes you on a deep dive into your Soul and guides you step by step through the building of your spiritually based business. Go from 1:1 to 1 to Many making an impact while being prospered for your gifts. Building an Empire that expresses your Souls purpose, changes the world, and grows your wealth all with using your own powerful energy and the benevolent nature of The Universe. Experience what it's really like to have true fulfillment and financial freedom for expressing your reason for being on this Earth. Receive financial remuneration for sharing your gifts. Go from 1:1 to 1 to many by expanding your purpose, your reach and building a business that leaves a legacy. Experience deep fulfillment and flow with a Benevolent Universe. *Goddess Alchemy Spiritual Business Certification Included*
Hawaiian Goddess Vortex Retreat™ Awaken Your Gifts, Fulfill Your Purpose. Join us for an 8 or 10 day in-depth, in person transformational Goddess Alchemy retreat to fast track your Spiritual Awakening journey and awaken your spiritual gifts, so you can serve your purpose and reach your highest potential as a lightworker. Happening at the center of the Goddess Vortex DURING LIONS GATE PORTAL HAPPENING ON 8/8/2024. Experience healing and Soul merging like never before. Activate your light body and Ascend into your piece of heaven on earth. Get ready for a total life reinvention with genetic and energetic upgrades in the center of the Goddess vortex. Merge with your Soul, live the freedom based life you came here to live, FEEL YOUR TRUE POWER! The Goddess within you is waiting for you to say YES! to life. The Time Is NOW. Are YOU Hearing The Call? *Includes Goddess Alchemy Spiritual Life Coaching Certification*
Reiki Level 1, 2, and 3 Master Reiki Certifications
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