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Rebecca Hill – 

Mystic, Medium, & Gifted Psychic Empath, born on the cusp of sensitivity.  


Love? Home? Money? Success? a natural path to Wellness? What is it you seek?  I can help you in locating the keys to these mysteries, and assist you in reaching your highest timeline.


Together we can tap into the power of Divine life force Source (inner-chi ) energy (aka God), call upon our Angels, Ancestors, Ascended Masters, Inspirers & Spirit guides. Seeking direct celestial assistance, allows us to SEE so many possibilities. With all this foresight and wisdom, we hold the keys to unlock “the making of dreams into reality!”

I am Rebecca Hill, a Mystic, Medium & Gifted Psychic Empath. I read energy without the need of tools, although I love using them to serve others.  A few of my favorite tools are, Western Astrology, Chaldean Numerology, Akashic Records, Gaia Tarot, Angel Tarot, Oracle Cards, and Pendulum.  (I am learning Vedic Astrology)  I can read universal tarot, but tend to lean more towards the gentler energies of the Angels and Earth Mother. I am a Reiki Master, Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner and Art Therapy life coach.

My Desire is to inspire and empower Seekers with the foresight and wisdom to live their best life, becoming everything they were born to be as painlessly as possible & reaching their highest timeline!

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