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Metamorforsi Life Coach & The Art Of Energy Healing

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A Sacred healing temple exploring the ancient & modern teachings of healing practise. I will help bring frequencies from many crystal vibrations and sounds. I will connect you with the realms of the Archangels and we will bring their unique divine gifts & healing energy into all aspects of your life.

Therapy Copper Bed

Allowing all LightWork sessions to take place on the Therapy Copper bed, which helps to enhance and accelerate the frequency, vibrations that’s already present. Allowing more light in dense areas & raise vibrations to help the body’s light frequencies flow in harmony for a person that holds significant blockages: heal, balance, clear blockages, be aware of personal truths, and to prepare for Light Body Spiritual Enlightenment experience.

Experience A Heart-Full Healing with Me
Do you feel that something is missing in your life that you need help with? Do you feel you need help, healing and guidance with some aspects of your life?

Book an Angelic Healing or a Crystal Healing with me.


In a Crystal Healing I will bring in the unique frequencies of many crystals and their vibrations, this is a powerful healing that can impact not only the psyche but your emotional, mental and physical bodies, too.


Allowing a grid of 12 crystals creates a powerful matrix that creates powerful frequencies and can open portals to higher frequencies and dimensions of consciousness, you need to experience it yourself to get an understanding of how you will feel.


In a Angelic Healing I will connect you with the realms of the Archangels and we will bring their unique healing energy into all aspects of your life, I will be supported by your guardian angel and you will feel nothing but love and peace while I run your healing.


In this session you’ll experience a powerful Advanced Reiki, to balance the energy fields which have become distorted from the stresses of life. This energetic healing process neutralises the root traumas that have been troubling you. I will help bring peace and harmony into those areas.


You don’t have much time and you are feeling a little sluggish like something is weighing you down and worries are nagging at your mind. In the course of life humans can be delicate and get thrown out of balance rather easily. Imbalances can build up and magnify each other. I will identify your blocked energies and put back the spark into kick-start your chakras to heal, balance and re-energise.


Experience the powerful energy of a Native American clearing and purification ritual to clear your home, office, business of old energies that can prevent you moving forward with your life. I will use the traditional techniques of using white sage and resins to lift and purify your space, you may ask to bring into the healing ceremony anything that you wish to be cleared from your life, wether that is old relationship energy, tensions or old emotions that are holding you back etc. The ceremony will help increase positive emotions and lift old energy that no longer serves you, it is particularly powerful for those moving into a new home to give you a clear fresh start.


In a Absentee Healing I will meet you in an energetic realm. You do not need to be physically present with me to receive the healing. This can be done while your are a sleep, laying down in meditation. It may be done over the phone or at a special time set aside and agreed upon between you and myself. This method is used in the very same way as a Crystal Healing’s & Native American & Purification Rituals. Absentee Healing is a very unique and effective to those who have a busy lives and can’t not be physically present with me.

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