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I have experience delivering psychological therapy in the public, private and community sectors. I work as a Specialist Psychological Therapist, Child and Adolescent Counsellor and Employee Assistance Support (EAP) affiliate/ Counsellor.

I apply various therapeutic approaches in my clinical work and offer both short term/brief therapy and long term therapy.

As a trainer, I have been offering training for over 10 years in small groups, schools and colleges plus organisational settings. I have offered training on a variety of psychological topics. I am flexible and strive to to meet the training needs of my clients.

I feel honoured to share my knowledge and experience with others. I believe with adequate tools we are able to support work colleagues, clients and students to maintain emotional resilience and sustain functionality. In my consultancy, I work with businesses, schools and colleges, charitable organisations and community support groups to develop effective supportive counselling systems within their organisations.

I also offer consultancy services to students, graduates and aspiring professionals who would like to attain a career in counselling, psychotherapy and clinical or counselling psychology.  I work with a team of experienced professionals who also offer guidance and advice in the areas of social work, youth work, community work plus health and social care.

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This course is packed with strategies and activities that are easy to apply yet also clinically proven. The content and techniques discussed have been compiled from stress management workshops that I have delivered over the years in public organizations, charities and businesses as well my clinical work as psychological therapist. Stress can have advance effects on your life for instance it can cause serious illnesses like stroke, heart attack, major organ failure, Alzheimer’s disease and more. Also the loss of control experienced due to stress can contribute to relationship or family break-up, job loss and business closure if you are running a business. However, by implementing strategies discussed in this course all these unpleasant effects can be prevented as you will gain emotional resilience and live a happier plus healthier life. If your goal is to gain self-help strategies as part of personal development then you will be able to identify stressors and address them in timely manner. You will implement basic stress relief strategies as well as cognitive behavioral techniques simplified for self-help purposes. On the other hand, if you are a professional or trainee, you will be equipped with CBT knowledge and skills plus 28 basic stress management activities that you will add to your therapy tool box. You will also be able to put your newly acquired skills into practice and make well informed treatment recommendations.
The course is intended to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to recognize signs and symptoms of mental health issues among children, identify risk factors, promote positive factors and implement effective psychological strategies that will help children experiencing mental health illnesses to thrive.  Parents, teachers, special educational needs practitioners with no mental health training will also learn how to support children's mental health well-being  whilst they are waiting for or receiving mental health intervention such as counselling, psychotherapy etc. Additionally, you will be able to make informed decisions when sign-posting children to relevant children mental health services or agencies.
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