Sarah Young

Sarah Young

You can get well - Naturally
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As a Naturopathic lifestyle coach and specialist I will create customised treatment and prevention plans for you. To ensure all factors of your life are considered which are biological, social and phycological. Having access to medicinal botanicals in different forms of medicine internally or externally. As well as tissue salts for those lacking the minerals they need, which can be the root cause of too many ailments to mention without boring you.

I provide a safer approach when helping individuals who are tired of the side effects or enormous costs of their chronic medications as well as for those who suffer acute conditions.

I have experience treating diseases of the respiratory system, the digestive system, ear, nose and throat conditions, the urinary system, gynaecological issues, metabolic and joint conditions as well as Depression, Anxiety and Auto immune diseases.


The body wants to be healthy, together we can enhance your immune system, youthfulness, strength and mental health.

My goal is to lessen the ferocity of your symptoms and put you back on your feet gently by enhancing the body’s natural healing system but more importantly to treat the cause of dis-ease to ensure a healthier body moving forward, as health represents the efficient operation of all the body’s systems.

Together we can tap into your body’s inner resilience.

It is possible to be stronger, hardier and smarter than the rising tide of drug- resistant threats to our health and quality of life. You don’t have to suffer with your health problems, sluggishness or pain any longer.


You can get well – Naturally

Our bodies are composed of an enormous number of tiny, living cells, each one made up of an infinitesimal but perfectly balanced quantity of three classes of materials – Water, Organic substances and Inorganic mineral elements.

With knowledge and qualifications in Clinical Therapeutics, Naturopathic Medicine and Physiology, Herbalism, Holistic Herbalism, Botanical Medicine Making and Diet and Immunity, I am accredited to treat and teach you how to be the guardian of our own health.

Our minds play a huge role in our self-healing system and we need to remember that stress and our ability to manage it, effects our body.

You are capable and deserving of a healthier body and mind, make the decision to live a healthier life today, I’ll be here with you every step of the way.


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24 Pongola avenue randparkridge, Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa


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