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Spiritual Hotel

The first 7 star celestial hotel for your soul!
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Spiritual Hotel with the motto of “the first 7 Star celestial hotel for your soul” provides variety of services to its guests with a holistic approach.
Holistic approach means that we see, treat, and heal the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our guests as a whole, as one integrated existence, as one human being, as one person.

My Services

As a public speaker, holistic therapist and spiritual trainer, I have vastly expanded my knowledge in numerous aspects such as symbolism, numerology, astrology, various occult systems, religions, and doctrines e.g. Theosophy, Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Chinese medicine system and modern psychotherapy approaches e.g. Jungian methods, PICT, Bradshaw healing system, etc.

Some of the areas I’m focusing on

— Belief surgery
— Spiritual teaching (inc. Q&A)
— Manifesting emotions and thoughts in physical form
— Inner child healing
— EFT, SK & R.A.S
— Aromatherapy
— Akashic records
— Past life regression

More about me:

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Notaris Kruytstraat 10 N, Bergschenhoek, Netherlands


Tel: +31636347025


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