Sharon Smith

Inkie The Guided One

Medium Oracle Light Code, Reiki II and Advanced Angelic Healing Light Worker Tarot-Oracle Reader Animal Intuitive Communicator/Healer
Categories: Therapist

Since I was young always thought I was different and people would probably think I was strange. However looking back at my life now I realize I was truly blessed to have my gifts and powers.  To see angels, to be able to speak with them and more importantly be guided by them was a complete blessing.

When I was younger, I learned that I was an Earth Angel.  An Earth Angel is a spiritual being born into a physical form to spread love and light in the world.  Earth Angels come from an angelic realm and are much more spiritually advanced than any other beings on earth.  We are natural light workers.  

Through my years of learning, experience and upgrades I have transitioned into an Oracle.  An Oracle is a wise person of a spiritual path who others go to for advise and spiritual counsel.  Oracles are able to connect to the higher source energy more efficiently which makes me a channel for messages including light codes.  

I have a strong connection to the angelic realm.  I am guided by 6 Archangels, Michael being the predominant one and who has been with me my whole life.

As I am getting older, things are becoming clearer and I am continuing to grow a lot.  I have opened myself up to continuing my education and learning to enhance my gifts.

Additionally, I have a connection with children and animals.  Since I have such a love and connection with children and animals it’s easy for me to help them and work with them. 

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