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Psychotherapist, Coach, Tantric Practitioner & Sensual Dominatrix
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Hi, I’m Sonalle LaMariposa.
I’m a Psychotherapist, Coach, Tantric Practitioner & Sensual Dominatrix.

My mission is to help modern people grow & transform into the beings they want to be.

I am passionate about encouraging people to reach their full potential & fulfil their deepest needs. My sessions & workshops are an invitation to unite your mind, body, heart & soul, to be in the present moment & discover your truth. I invite you to expand connection with your Self to witness radical change in your connection with others.

If you are wondering about my journey to here, keep reading…

Born to Indian immigrants & forced to conform to the traditional social norms, I broke free in search of adventure & self discovery. I travelled for almost ten years throughout Europe, Asia & Latin America observing & participating in the kaleidoscope of cultures & sights encountered.

Since returning to London, I have been deeply driven by the desire to continue transforming my journey. Having communicated profound narratives through the photographic lens, I redirected my focus within, experiencing poignant transformations through deep Vipassana. The inner changes led me on the path of uncovering the potency of moving meditations & Tantra.

Now driven by the desire to transform the journey of others, I continue to communicate what is frequently left unsaid; to deliver an insight into that detail we may not always perceive, or that we sometimes try to ignore.

I desire a deeper knowledge & understanding of universal life & society. My work embraces diversity, including all ethnicities, disabilities, genders, sexual & relationship preferences, whilst promoting body positivity. I have specialised in mental health since 2010 & have been holding workshops since 2011. I have facilitated authentic connection & movement to working aged adults with mental health issues in hospital wards, teenagers with learning disabilities in schools & older adults with dementia in the community.

I combine the knowledge & powerful experiences gained from diverse personal development trainings, with teachings received from some of the most renowned Tantra teachers. I offer an intricate fusion exploring the process of embodiment & presence through art, movement, mindfulness & touch. I interweave the most transforming processes to create an invitation for you to connect more deeply with your truth.

Qualifications / Trainings
~ Barbara Carrellas, Urban Tantra Professional Training Graduate ~
~ Biodanza Diploma (International Biodanza Federation) ~
~ Cross Sectoral & Community Arts, M.A. (Goldsmiths University) ~
~ Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Certificate (Virtued Academy & East London NHS Foundation Trust) ~
​ ~ Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Facilitator & Coaching Certificate ~
​ ~ Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certificate ~
~ Human Givens Psychotherapy Diploma (Human Givens Institute) ~
~ Inner Dance Diploma (Inner Dance Federation) ~
~ Kink-claiming the Trauma: From Sexual Assault to Sexual Empowerment​ Certificate (Tashra) ~
~ Occupational Therapy, P.G. Dip (London South Bank University) ~
~ Therapeutic & Educational Application of the Arts, P.G. Dip (Institute of Art Therapy in Education) ~
~ Wisdom of the Body (Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute) ~ ​

Trainings in Progress:​
~ Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Certificate ~
~ Internal Family Systems Certificate, Internal Family Systems Institute ~
~ Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Trauma, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute ~
~ Treating Trauma Certificate, The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine ~

Meditation, Healing & Tantra Teachers
​~ Alan Lowen, The Art of Being ~ Andrew Barnes, Tantric Full Body Energy Orgasm ~
~ Barbara Carrellas ~ Diamond Light Tantra ~ Goenkaji Vipassana ~
​~ Human Awareness Institute ~ ​Inner Freedom Healing ~ International School of Temple Arts ~
~ Lucid Love Tantra ~ Oxford Tantra Wave ~ Ratu Bagus Shaking ~ Sacred Pleasures ~
​~ Seani Love ~ Shakti Malan ~ Transcendence Tantra ~

Workshops Facilitated @
~ Age UK ~ Bonnington Centre ~ ColourFest ~ ELFT NHS ~ Garratt Park School ~ Husky Studios ~
~ Into the Wild Festival ~ Little Om Festival ~ Morning Gloryville ~ Puravida Festival ~ Queer Spirit Festival ~
~ Sensuality & the Senses ~ SLaM NHS ~ The Hive ~ Togetherness Festival ~
~ Tooting Neighbourhood Centre ~ Waterloo Action Centre ~

Other Collaborations
~ Babalonia ~ Buddhafield Festival ~ Club Decadence ~ Koinonia ~ NVC Summer Festival ~
​~ Level Up ​~ Getting Conscious with Kink ~ Seeking Venus ~ Xanadu Society ~

Business Hours

06:00 pm to 09:00 pm
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06:00 pm to 09:00 pm
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06:00 pm to 09:00 pm
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06:00 pm to 09:00 pm
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Closed 03:00 pm to 09:00 pm
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