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Heal Yourself, Heal Others
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Becoming an Integrative Health Practitioner is an amazing way to draw upon state-of-the-art Functional Medicine while combining it with the ancient healing knowledge of Eastern Medicine and philosophies.

In the Integrative Health Practitioner Program, we discuss many forms of natural healing.  After learning these elements of natural health you will be able to decide which healing mobility to use at what time and with which person.

Level 1 covers all essential steps of the DESTRESS protocol that Dr. Cabral uses every day in his own practice, developed after completing over 250,000 appointments worldwide (you may also take this as an Educational only course, without the Certification).

Level 2 takes you in-depth through 7 different at-home lab tests to truly understand who each test is recommended for and how to explain the results to your health coaching clients to help them uncover the root-causes of their symptoms.

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