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I am a spiritual teacher and alternative healing therapist/practitioner, soul care provider, coach, counselor and minister of peace in the true sense of the word!
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Owner & Director of Place of Bliss Academy, Sanctuary, Alternative Healing Therapist, Soul Care Provider & Educator

I am a Spiritual Teacher & Entrepreneur, running my own academy, Place of Bliss Academy, with over 30K students and teach on the UDEMY platform. I am a global educator, reaching over 170 countries, teaching in over 40 languages and over 50K enrollments. To see my course list please visit

I have been involved in the healing industry for over twenty years, teaching and helping others heal, starting with Reiki, to heal myself, then others, and branching out into many other forms of healing and teaching, receiving certifications in additional modalities, as well as Spiritual Counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Guided Image Therapy.

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 I have also been a contributor for the Health & Wellness Section of the 253 Lifestyle Print Magazine in Washington State (see page 42). 

And have hosted a Dear Reiki Advice Column for IARP-Reiki International. 

My mission is connection and love, which is the ultimate healing balm! My services are international via Zoom!

Love & Light, Sufi

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This course was taken directly from livestream sessions with a private group in lecture and meditation, on stillness and mindfulness. In this course, I share wisdom through Zen Meditation and relaxation on spiritual matters that everyday people, healers, and those who work in service of others, deal with. On a weekly basis I had classes where whatever I saw myself, clients or students going through collectively, I would discuss it in class in general terms and discuss the perspective of healing and enlightenment, and how to love ourselves through our healing in a non-judgmental way. With over twenty years in healing, and being a spiritual teacher, I have seen how empathy and compassion for self often gets left out of our analysis as we move to grow, develop and master our lives. In each class, love for self is the driving force in every message. We end each class with a few minutes of Zen Meditation and stillness through guided and non-guided meditation, relaxation of breath. I ask the class to focus on the intention set in discussion, intuition, or on whatever you the student would like to focus on. Each 30-minute class is filled with wisdom and peace that you could learn and grow from. I do hope you enjoy this class of daily lecture and stillness. See the companion course to this one called, Certified Healer| Spiritual Healing & Mindfulness Practitioner All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH)
If you are new to Place of Bliss Academy (POBA) on UDEMY, welcome! If you are a regular, as many of you are, welcome back beautiful people! In this course we discuss and unpack: Identifying narcissists, manipulators, abusers and even cult leaders and personalities. You will learn how to build important boundaries and even neutral defenses to simply avoid these people and the trappings of their interactions. You will learn how to analyze these behaviors and profile them, as they profile you, looking for weaknesses. The best defense is offense. You will see them coming after this course and simply not allow them in your lives. You will learn how to see yourself as a whole person, build personal power and need no one's approval or validation. Heck, you may even allow yourself to feel some righteous anger for what you have been through in the past, and that's ok! You will learn about relationship equity and power, and when someone is abusing your trust and their power in your relationship. You will learn how to read and hear words and phrases aimed at manipulating you or tearing you down. You will walk away with more knowledge, wisdom, personal power and confidence than you ever have had before in understanding how people manipulate and abuse their power and trust in relationships. You will be able to quickly trust your instinct in identifying the red flags in others and simply choose to walk the other way. You will love yourself first more than you ever have before, honor your own experiences and allow yourself to embrace your personal power and love for self! If you are a healer in any industry, you will get healing you may need first, and then be able to profoundly assist others in identifying where changes need to be made for them to reach their highest self! I look forward to seeing you in class. Please leave a review when prompted at your earliest convenience! All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) Love & Light, Sufi
What we learned as children is much different than how we may feel about it now as adults. This course is an opportunity to move passed the limitation of programming to choose how you want to embrace the light of love and feel better and even closer to God, Light, Source Energy, Nature and the Universe! Empowerment begins when we begin asking ourselves questions that focus our mind on what we believe, why we believe it, and what changes we would like to make to it to bring it into harmony with who we see ourselves as as adults. If You Have Felt: Guilt for your practice, guilted by religious others or shamed for your spirituality Confusion about God Not sure if your spiritual practice is compatible, or ok’d by God Asked yourself if you will go to hell for your spirituality, or told you will Asked if your practice is demonic Felt you have to be in a religion to be able to claim a relationship with God Are a medium or foreteller of events and feel judged by a biblical verse or religious people If you want to feel a closeness to God while being on your own journey Tell Me More: In this course the theology (nature of God and belief) will be discussed in parallel with spirituality and spiritual practices. Religion and spirituality have always had a symbiotic and challenged relationship. Each giving each other notes on perceived flaws. In my practice I have had many conversations with those spiritual in nature, non-religious, and wanting a closer relationship with God, but feeling distanced as though they are somehow in disfavor, cannot have a relationship with God while being spiritual in nature. Some feel they have to be religious to move God into their everyday life and they have no interest in being religious, and yet they do want God in their life. In essence, they do not see God as religious orders do, and that keeps them distant. Still the desire to be close is there. Some struggle with old programing, guilt, shame and judgement that creates inner conflict with their beloved spiritual practice. This fast-track course will take you through many key facets involving spiritual life, mainstream questions many have, religious biblical support of why its ok to love your spiritual self and practice, healing in the bible, our mission to heal approved by Jesus, how to use the bible and so much more. This course is open to all beliefs and shares biblical knowledge with the understanding that some beliefs may be challenged. My mission is to share what I know and how I have processed and live in my spiritual practice, combining theology with spirituality with peace and love, while feeling a closeness with God, spirit, nature, the Universe & Great Invisible Spirit! Whatever name you call God by! This course is not a course on religion or the bible perse, although they are discussed at length. This course is about God's place in our spirituality and practice. All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) Disclaimer: This course is to expand thought, not to convince or biblically battle religious zealots. I fully understand interpretations vary and that some will say there is no such thing as interpretation (I cover this also in the course).  My interest is in sharing how I reached love, healing, deprogramming others view of God within me, so I can have God in my life in the most organic way-through a personal relationship, not according to others rules of how it is done. I share and release. You may be triggered, see things differently, hold your own view even after I share mine, and I praise you for that. Own your power, and keep it peaceful. Sufi
Join my little harmony parties of relaxation and peace! This course is hours of live feed in guided and freeform meditation, focus, healing talk and lecture. These livestream recordings are filled with spiritual thought, guidance of how to live and be happy, how to handle struggle and align ourselves with our highest being, and how to allow ourselves to feel all our emotions without judgement. The topics are based off real life issues, situation and patterns seen in the healing industry and our spiritual family! Many people are looking for guidance, therapy, a way to reduce stress and feel a little comfort in a busy, ever-changing world filled with hustle. Some important topics we cover are Radical Self-Love Emotions as Divinity Our Human Armour Manifesting Happiness Removing Blocks of Self-Judgement Re-writing Our Storylines, and more! The Currency of Happiness & Sandness and so much more! Each video session is 30 minutes long and begins with a greeting, a message of intention and focus, followed by guided meditation inviting you into silence. Each session is approximately 15 minutes of lecture and intention setting and finishing with Guided and silent meditation with a summation and closing moment! I hope you enjoy it and to continue this with me live you may sign up on patreon Harmony membership for live zooms weekly. See you in class! All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH)
This course offers healing and guidance on how to balance the Time Square of your soul in a world that never stops comparing you, telling you how to do things right, how to be perfect, how to run your business, how to be spiritual, how you're not as successful as the next person, and so on. All of this data input, downloads of information, a zillion different platforms you are on, and all that work to keep them up to date and do it the way your industry professionals tell you it must be done, IS VERY OVERWHELMING. Spiritual healers, teachers, empaths, caretakers, nurses, therapists, counselors and those seeking healing themselves reach critical mass shutdown from time to time from overload. This short course discusses how to balance and maintain a healthy life in the midst of this information super-highway running through your soul with simple how to steps, + a topic on humility, spirituality and superituality* to avoid! It talks about the exhaustion of trying to" know it all" and how to avoid that, and your worth. So many little lessons wrapped up in this course. Instruction on purpose, positivity, self-love and more; with even a meditation thrown in. Disclaimer: I teach through sharing experiences and telling stories. If you need graphs and charts this may not be the course for you! If you are a returning student, thank you for your continued support and you already know my ways! :) Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the course. Reach out for your certificate upon completion! Love & Light, Sufi All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) *Spiritually superior to others
Welcome To Class Students! If you are a returning student, love ya! If you are brand new, yay, you found me, and here we go! Complete the cycle of healing with understanding spices and herbs and how they enhance your spiritual practice, your physical body, and the daily grind into something zesty! Life is too short to not be spicey! Enjoy this course and watch your world open up when you discover the magical secrets of things hidden in plain sight all this time! Sitting in your spice and herb cabinet. In this course you will learn a vast array of spices, go on location with me to seek them out, smell them, taste them, cook with them and dream about them (ok, not that last one). If you are into a well-balanced life, do yoga, have a healing practice, like cooking, or like eating, :) you will enjoy this course. As with all my courses, I teach through storytelling and hands on. I like to have fun while teaching and let you have fun while learning. I change the scenery up and add music for your entertainment. If you need pies or charts this isn’t the class for you. If you like to have fun, it is! This course comes with the complete Master of Herbs and Spices booklet and is the second part of a two-part course. Take them in any order. If you found this one first, take it, it's a blast! After this course you will be a certified Spiceologist and have a certificate to prove it. Circle back to the Master of Herbs and Spices Herbologist course and you will be complete. Of course, there are many more spices and herbs out there, but these are some of the most used spices and some unique ones thrown in I think are interesting! Enjoy the class and your certificate when you are done. Imagine how impressed people will be to see them framed in your kitchen? All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) Love Sufi
I am so excited to offer this 6 Pillar Master Life Coach Practitioner course to you! In this course we will cover the foundations (Pillars) of: The 3 Pursuits: Spiritual, Business, Life Experience The 3 Beliefs: Money, Fairness, People Worthiness Doubts Fears Change You will dive deep into the psychological make-up, traumas and behaviors, and use healing energy, spiritual counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to guide the client/apprentice through the session calls, daily inspirations  and communications. Within this course you will: Be able to have 6 month consistency per client/apprentice to build a consistent business You will learn how to have one-on-one monthly meetings with supportive session guide sheets You will understand how to run the weekly calls with the supportive call guide You will have a map of how to create, and where to gather your daily inspirations You will understand how to set your own value with the calculation sheet You will feel confident in unpacking psychological aspects of your apprentices emotional state, and how to lead them to their solutions You will learn how to set realistic expectations with your client/apprentices You will be given the 6 Pillar Media Description for all digital media (website, etc.) You will be given the 6 Pillar Soul Coaching Therapy marketing commercial verbiage for your own tweaking & a sample commercial to hear as your basis You will learn about money beliefs and blocks in assisting clients in resolving their money blocks, as well as yours, in asking for the business There is so much more info in the nooks and crannies of this course. Enjoy it. Do the work yourself, so you are truly able to guide others once you have finished! Request your formal certificate by email from the Place of Bliss Academy. There is a final wrap up sheet with all the contact information to do so. All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) See you in class! Sufi
In this advisory course of continued education, you will receive positive guidance on trade topics of balance, discussion of honest heart felt issues, specific to people in service of others. Those in selfless service to others and healing struggle with very specific issues when working in a healing environment and being exposed to people with pain and trauma. This course covers a few of the most common areas and discusses how to manage and balance those issues with our own life's mission, goals and spiritual life. Because I know what it's like to be in service of others, I understand the struggle it can be to keep your energy level up and balanced when working on yourself, working on developing your business, while helping others with their healing needs. These positive energy lessons in light will have a familiarity to you and will be a supportive reminder or could be new ideas to the novice healer. All healers need a supportive teacher, therefore, a supportive figure, energy coaching you through your life and work, can be helpful to you in times of lower energy, doubt, and struggle in specific areas of work life balance and feelings of achievement.  This course offers simple wisdom that can change the way you experience your day-to-day life in the healing industry (healing, guiding, caring and teaching). The lifetime access ensures that when you are down, feel off balance, or overwhelmed, you can recharge by listening to this course all over again. All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) Disclaimer: Truths are simple. If you need complicated charts, diagrams, pies and PDFs, this may not be the course for you. I teach through sharing and storytelling. This is a guidance and advisory course to give mindful techniques and positive energy psychology on dealing with common issues. This won't change THE world, but it may change YOUR world by being supported and guided in what you do every day! Love & Light, Sufi
Welcome To Class Students! If you are a returning student, love ya! If you are brand new, yay, you found me, and here we go! Complete the cycle of healing with understanding spices and herbs and how they enhance your spiritual practice, your physical body, and the daily grind into something zesty! Life is too short to not be spicey! Enjoy this course and watch your world open up when you discover the magical secrets of things hidden in plain sight all this time! Sitting in your spice and herb cabinet. In this course you will learn a vast array of spices, smell them, taste them, cook with them and dream about them (ok, not that last one). If you are into a well-balanced life, do yoga (and more), have a healing practice, like cooking, or like eating, :) you will enjoy this course. As with all my courses, I teach through storytelling and hands on. I like to have fun while teaching and let you have fun while learning. I change the scenery up and add music for your entertainment. If you need pies or charts this isn’t the class for you. If you like to have fun, it is! This course comes with the Master of Herbs and Spices, herbs booklet and is the first part of a two-part course. Take them in any order. If you found this one first, take it, it's a blast! After this course you will be a certified Herbologist and have a certificate to prove it. Circle back to the Master of Herbs and Spices, Spiceologist course and you will be complete. Of course, there are many more spices and herbs out there, but these are some of the most used spices and some unique ones thrown in I think are interesting! Enjoy the class and make sure to reach out for your certificate when you are done. Imagine how impressed people will be to see them framed in your kitchen? All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) Help me be successful by leaving a review at your earliest convenience. Thank you! See you in class!
LEARN THE BLUEPRINT TO REVOVERY. Continued Education| These lectures were recorded (one as a live event), to help others with traumas I see most commonly in my healing practice that have deep roots in people's quality of life. The effects of trauma are far reaching into how people live their current life. Not every lesson learned was a good one, just as every mentor was not wise. We have many scars that cause us to replay our pain over and over again, consciously and most time, unconsciously, blocking the life we really want. We have beliefs we don't even know we have, that we inherited from someone else. This is a sober look at the three top hot buttons of trauma & belief that I see damage lives the most. Each lecture has either a blueprint, recovery recipe or steps on how to remove storylines, blocks or beliefs from your life, adding new actions steps and perspectives. What is covered here are three topics: How To Believe You Are Enough: Smart Enough, Creative Enough, Rich Enough, Good Enough (With Blueprint) How To Survive Emotional Abuse & Abandonment Issues (With Recovery Recipe) How To Trust That the Universe Provides (With Action Steps) Each Lecture/Video Includes downloadable action PDFs This course is short, sweet and taught through storytelling and sharing to make this real for all who are listening and to relate to those in pain. This is not a graph, chart and statistic course, please be aware. This is heart-to-heart connection. What to expect: Emotional Content/Direct Genuine Discussion/Authentic Speech/Solution Orientation Certificate: Email me to request your POBA Certificate. Title on Certificate will be Trauma & Recovery Practitioner You will receive a final message on UDEMY from me when you finish your course that will have my email to email me with the class you took, your request, and the name as you want it on the certificate.
Hello Beautiful students and welcome back, or welcome for the first time. Place of Bliss Academy @ UDEMY (POBA) is now over 3K student's, over 100 countries and over 30 languages. I think you will like this course, my style is conversational, storytelling, sharing and having fun, and allows for creating a fluid practice that suits your needs and values. This course is the Rosetta Stone of Meditation. I'm gonna teach you how and it will be so easy it will shock you! Is It for You? Do you want to learn more about meditation? Do you want to have more peace in your life? Do you want a life ritual that creates calm? Do you want to host group classes to your practice in healing to coach others, over even one-on-one training? Do you want to gather and teach others, not only to meditate, but perhaps even certify other teachers? Do you want to feel confident meditating and teaching? Do you want to demystify how to be "Present" & how to actually meditate? Do you want to learn how to not get pissed off or disturbed when the leaf blower shows up? (Do you want to see my guides at work with me and watch some paranormal activity in these videos?) Well yes to just a few of these or all, means you're in the right place. After many years of hosting meditation at a Yoga studio, teaching privately and certifying other teachers in person, I am now bringing my wisdom to POBA @ UDEMY online. I hope you enjoy. Please reach out for your personalized POBA certificate when you have completed this course and to be added to the Bliss Community. Get your stamp of approval from Place of Bliss Academy! See you in class! All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) Sufani Garza Place of Bliss Academy Entrepreneur & Instructor Alternative Healing Therapist
In 2010 I had a strange and amazing experience, and calling. I called out to the stars for a teacher to take me to the next level, and a voice came to me from the stars. His name was Euclytus from the Pleiadies, and a plan was given me for the short term and also understanding a long term plan was there and would evolve, as it is today. During my initial time with Euclytus in meditations he taught me much, and I wrote a book about my experience with him, as well as a training workbook. It sat for 11 years. I was not ready to share this unusual relationship, and the idea of putting it out there and offering training overwhelmed me. 11 years later when I had reached a level of comfort with myself, began an online journey to teach, his teachings called out to me and I was ready. I took one workbook topic at a time and recorded and imparted the information which became, Resolution Therapist: Soul Care Provider, which is taught here at UDEMY, as well as I offer a 5 week healing session series in my own practice. The impacts have been powerful! I call myself a reluctant channel, in that I am finding my way to channel him and be comfortable with it, and doing it enough to get comfortable with it is key. It is a strange thing to move yourself out of the way internally although still being present. It's a unique dichotomy, when we share a space. When it is his time to talk, I am the mediumship for him to be heard. This is not easy for me, but I think the more I have eyes open and talk, we both can have a conversation together. It is easier to have eyes closed and receive his words because my chatter goes away, but I realize people want to see Euclytus and he you. So this course is filled with the most beautiful message to help mankind through this journey of spiritual enlightenment, life challenges and through it all is love and the knowing that you are not, never have been, or ever will be alone! All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) From myself and Euclytus,  Love & Light!
Guided Image Therapy is derived from Gestalt Psychotherapy. Not only can you listen to these video's for your own healing and removal of blocks, but if you are in the healing industry, have a current practice or starting a new one, you will be armed with a companion to help clients in addition to energy work, holistic healing, meditation, yoga, therapy, spiritual counseling, soul care therapy and all healing work in service of others. I have itemized this therapy with several different aims at healing. All sessions are geared to helping heal physical, mental and emotional issues, help a client or yourself see internal blockages to healing, focus life goals, focus life purpose, expand life journey, feel confident and empowered. This is a fast track course and a perfect addition to Alternative Healing Therapist Course for more intensified session work). This is also intended for those seeking healing work, as the videos are there for Guided Image Therapy. The sessions themselves are THE healing work. The PDF's are for live client session therapy readings. The live sessions are meant for the healer to take them through the questions in person and the videos allow you as a healer to learn pace, tone and demeaner. All questions with in-session clients must be followed up with open ended questions (not listed here) to unpack and resolve issues, to discuss what came up with the client and move them forward in healing. This course relies on your ability to know how to communicate compassionately with your clients. This course assumes a baseline understanding of how to spiritually counsel, or speak compassionately and deduce client issues. leading them to self governance and wisdom. You are not however, required to ever have all the answers or heal them. They heal themselves through your oracle ship. The Alternative Healing Therapist course will elaborate more on how to conduct a Soul Care Session once Guided Image Therapy is complete. This course is the perfect intended companion to Alternative Healing Therapist Course and all other modalities. All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH)
Upon Graduation of this course, you will receive a personalized Certified Heart Centered Entrepreneur| Prosperity Agent from PLACE OF BLISS ACADEMY. This course is for the entrepreneur at heart. Although my business is in the healing and art industry, this course is for any small business owner, or someone who dreams of opening their own business and wants to learn strategic tips to start and grow a business while staying in purpose, joy and a positive mindset. I have owned my own private practice in healing and have been selling my art for over 20 years, but in that time I have also had what I call Earth Jobs, all in Business Management, Advertising Sales & Marketing, Retail Operations Management, Business Development and Team Development. Don't let my quirkiness fool you, I am a straight up business women with ideas and strategy on how to run things and my biggest strength is being up front with you and helping you be positive along the way. I will also give you Earth Job savvy and some things to contemplate along the way as you are working with others in business, while developing your own. Working with others while developing your own thing is a great way to get free leadership masterclasses if you are paying attention. Learn the do's and don'ts from watching others do it and how people are responding to them. This course, as with all my courses, do not contain graphs, charts, percentages and things you may see in other business courses. I teach through storytelling and sharing my experiences. I am positive and set realistic expectations for you, while sharing the things I and my husband learned in business ownership with over 20 years of experience in the trenches. This may be a good beginner course, the nudge you need to get started, or the refresher to confirm what you know with a few new ideas. Most likely this will not be your last course in business ,but it is a great starter kit for any business owner or dreamer. I hope you enjoy this course. Take notes for yourself in each section to remember what you are learning. You also have lifetime access, so you can go back over and over again!  This course combines knowledge from all by business history both working for myself and Managing for others, and gives you practical application of how to use all your experiences to mold you into the leader you want to be in your own business or practice. Enjoy! Sufi All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH)
Pleiadian Healing Method In this course you will deepen your understanding of your connection to the universe, how light technology works, the work we must still do to awaken the biology and healing power within us that guides our life, themes of light and dark, charka work, study of reality, intuition, telepathy, telekinesis, listening, and, you will have access to conversations I had with my star guide, Euclytus. If you are a healer, counsellor or therapist of any kid doing session work with others, this course comes with complete in-session worksheets to follow and use for your own clients if you are a healer! You will use them on yourself in this course. Like all my courses, I teach through conversation and stories. If you are looking for charts and graphs this may not be the course for you. This course will allow you to therapize yourself, so that you may serve as a guide to others. What you learn here you will apply first, and what you learn will be what you teach to others. Message From Euclytus~ Star Guide, during the Pandemic "Data blocks— physical blocks & confines are re-upping and dispersing tremendous power into elevating consciousness as concerned the “static” nature of the current human experience. The mass energy is coiled together in a singular experience in order to launch a new energetic program, if you will, into the consciousness of man. These energy frequencies will deliver a new propagation of thought, leading to mass, intrinsic dichotomy of the soul! A redirect and reconnect of soul purpose! During this time you will experience technology interference. Instead of frustration, say thank you, as the pause of busy-ness you experience is the launch of a new life! ~Euclytus All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) See you in class! Sufi
About the Spiritual Advisor Certification Course My journey in healing and spirituality started over 21 years ago. It's been a very long journey of learning, growing and exploring. In this course you will benefit from a long pilgrimage to understand life, spirituality, God and wisdom, crossing into many modalities, tools and spirit knowledge. This course was designed for those seeking truth, meaning, understanding of their abilities as a medium, clairvoyant, psychic or empath, about the other-side, ghosts, spirit guides and demons, how to develop certain abilities that already reside within, or have revealed themselves, and understand certain complicated teachings from my perspective, to then help others on their journey. In this course I share many tools of the trade in spirituality and development to help you acquire what you need to read the symbols you receive, I give references to use and how to use them in practice, discuss how to choose reference guides and tools, and act as a mentor to teach you what I know, as a teacher for you on your spiritual journey. This is in no way exhaustive, and I say this because spiritual growth never ends, and there are practices out there I am sure I have never heard of. But certainly, what you learn in this course, can be applied to all things that cross your path. This course is very story oriented, conversational and intimate,  talking to you and sharing my experiences with real life clients, house clearings, seeing ghosts and talking with spirit guides, while educating you through stories and real life situations.  What this course is not is a course teaching you how to read the future, be a psychic, read tarot cards or certification in a specific modality. This course is not a chart/graph course loaded with PDFs, although there are some, as well as practice videos and a telepathic game guide. This is a certification in development of your specific gifts, in spiritual development, and you interpret how to translate them into your life and needs. From there you will feel confident in advising others on their own spiritual journey. See the course curriculum for specific teachings. About Me I come from a family of healers, with those who see & hear spirits, commune with nature and animals, do card readings, astral travel, talk with dead loved ones, channel beings, trance write,  talk with the dead for others, and translate numerology. Talking about these things is as natural to me as talking about the weather. When I told my sister the course curriculum she said, "How cool to have it all in one place." That was my sentiment exactly in making as much knowledge as I can available to answer questions, expose you to things you may not know, clear up confusing teachings and simply give you things to think about and help you in your personal development as a medium, clairvoyant or psychic (sorry if I left out a title). Keep in mind that I implore everyone to be open to taking in the information, but in the end, encourage you to do what feels natural for yourself. With this course you are given my personal email and I will remain a spiritual mentor to you for life if you wish. All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) See you in class! Sufani Instructor 
Finding a Reiki Master is one of the most important things you can do for yourself when completed your Reiki training, and in any healing modality. Ask, and the teacher will appear, and here I am! I have over 20 years of experience in healing and have been teaching and certifying students in both live classes and online Internationally, with students in Africa, France, the UK, Sweden, Brazil and all over the United States. I have found Reiki to be one of the most transformational healing modalities in my own life; it healed my ills, broadened my mind, connected me to my mediumship and expanded my awareness and most importantly, helped me understand my own energy. For my Reiki 1 & 2 Courses ($10 each, with separate attunement for $20 when ready) please see my digital downloads to catch up and get attuned, on my etsy page, sufi's enchanted gifts. If you have already had these courses, then begin this Master Program with me and have a profound experience. With my course, you will be added to a direct lineage from Mikao Usui himself, and it will appear on your certificate, as well as you will be given a word doc upon request of this certificate to add in your name.  My classes are comfortable, sometimes a little silly, and always fun! All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) I hope to see you in class. Let's begin! Sufani Garza (Sufi) Reiki Master Teacher Place of Bliss Academy Instructor
Add Soul Care Therapy/Spiritual Counseling to your practice. This course will add profound mental and emotional training to the psychological side of healing, counseling those who come to us for healing in addition to Reiki, Chakra Work, Seichim, Thai Chi and any other healing modality you practice. Whether you are interested in holistic healing and are starting your journey, or if you have been involved in healing and are realizing there is a need to understand the mind and psychological side of healing to be paired with your current modality, this is the course for you. I offer you my wisdom and knowledge of over 20 years of healing work, and share this information in a conversational way, and through story telling. There are also PDF guides alone the way. This is not a pie chart/graph course. My style of teaching in through experience sharing, storytelling and conversational lectures. Also, a little silliness! This work is non-exhaustive because it is work that never ends. You will leave with much knowledge, and much to continue learning. Work on the soul is not finite, but an infinite endeavor. The real work begins when you leave the course and begin to see it in action with clients and in your own implementation. Disclaimer: this course could also trigger your belief systems and excuses if there are any in there. If they are there, and a trigger comes up, look within and process it and ask why. If you resort to negativity and blame you are taking a longer, harder path to recovery and wisdom. I myself realized the demand to "unpack" the feelings and experiences that arise from doing healing work such as Reiki, Seichim and Chakra work. As I did more and more healing work on others, my emails, calls and texts began to increase needing to talk more about the session to understand what was happening to them and "talk through" the healing. Because this became such a demand, I had to create a way to control the life work balance, this was essential to not deplete my own energy and that which I give to my family. I created Soul Care Sessions, allowing people to book appointments with me. As I continued to see need, I continued to educate myself in the processes of the mind to heal, using Spiritual Counseling, psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Gestalt Psychotherapy, all of which I am certified in. This course teaches a cumulative study of all these topics with a foundation in Reiki, Chakra Work, Energy Work, Guided Image Therapy, Counseling and Therapy. All through conversational lectures. This course will certify you as an Alternative Healing Therapist & Practitioner, combining any/all of your other modalities with Soul Care Therapy and give you tools in the process of how to add Soul Care Therapy Sessions to your current practice of healing, or simply to begin a new practice starting with this course if you are courageous enough. This course is priceless in what you will learn and comes from over 20 years of study in healing and therapy. What you learn here you will take with you for a lifetime to healing not only yourself but assist clients in their healing journey.  You will learn so much from this course as I have in the journey to acquire it, and now I share it with you. Remain Open, Receptive, and Appreciative of the process (O.R.A.) Disclaimer: This course is not a license, nor does it provide licensing permissions in your state. This therapeutic certificate is in the broad language of many modalities and alternative healing methods. After taking this course you will not be a licensed therapist with said privileges nor will you be able to join professional Therapist licensing directories. For that you must take the traditional academic route. This is a ministerial route as a spiritual counselor afforded in most states as a Minister of Peace. Visit the Univeral Life Church website to obtain your Minister of Peace Certificate and any counseling certificate of interest there for additional confidence. The MOP is not required to practice healing, but there as an added security for those who feel they need it. Place of Bliss Academy does not support fraudulent claims of licensing to practice nor is POBA responsible for the quality of services provided by others after taking this course. Please also see the video explanation and PDF attachment in the course. All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH)
Over 700 Student's have taken this course with great reviews! In this course I share with you common communication struggles people have in their relationships, in developing relationships, in setting boundaries and overcoming their need to say yes to everything, in order to be polite. In this course, you will learn how to find your own unique voice and expression, and to use it affectively in creating the communications you would like to have, with people you'd like to have them with. This includes knowing how to end dialogues you aren't interested in, with people you don't care for. There is a polite way to communicate I call "calm assertive" that is borrowed from Cesar Millan and who works with dogs. Well, it works with people too, and you will see it exampled here. Take this information, apply it to your own life and be able to apply it to help your clients, friends and family. These are the most common examples of communication struggles that come up in my therapy practice, our lives, and are so simple to overcome with this course. PS) If this is your first time with me, or your back again, thank you so much for taking my class. When I teach, we always have fun! Please make sure  at your earliest convenience when prompted, that you leave a review, so that others can find me. Help create my success! I greatly appreciate it! With this course you will change your communication ability and skill in under 2 hours. Happy Learning! All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) For Your Personalized Certificate from Place of Bliss Academy, please email me at Sufi
CULTURAL STUDIES: Learn About Shamanism Soul Healing, How to Heal Using Sacred Tools, the Sacred Language of Runes, Feathers & Headdress
CULTURAL STUDIES: Learn Deep Spiritual & Physical Healing, Soul & Nervous System Reset, Shaman Influenced Pain & Trauma Release
Learn what channeling is, how to tap into the channel, how to trust your channeling and hear channeled messages of light
CULTURAL STUDIES: Reiki certification in energy healing, cleanse your aura/physical body. Learn spiritual healing for yourself and others!
CULTURAL STUDIES: Learn to use energy to do distance healing, hand scanning, heal body & soul, channel energy & direct and remove energy!
CULTURAL STUDIES: Intro to Paganism, Witchcraft & Theosophy, Witch Trials, Witch Variations, Baphomet, Pentagram, Sacred Sound Healing +
CULTURAL STUDIES: Learn the secrets of Vodou (Voodoo), ceremony, spiritual practice, healing & sacred tools, hoodoo, curses, and spells
Overcome Your Struggle With Self-Love, Self-Care, Self-Approval. Learn to Finally Own Your Power & Accept Yourself!
Learn Psychological Deprogramming, Relationship Repair, Reconciliation, Remove Entitlement, Conflict & Heal Wounds
Understand Your Psychology & Instinct, Improve Self-Confidence, Find Peace, Empowerment and Self-Love Through Awareness
Learn skills in mindfulness, wisdom, positive psychology, healing meditation techniques and awakening your higher self
Your Powerful, Changeable Mindset Can Reduce Anxiety & Stress. Cover the Top Anxiety Producers with Wellness Solutions
OPTIONAL PREREQUISITE: Learn to heal your soul and wounds, how to deal with mean people, manage your grief, sadness, depression & live life!
OPTIONAL PREREQUISITE: Learn to balance your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical energy in a chaotic world downloading into your soul! +
Pursue your dream of owning your own practice, be your own boss, teach esoteric, spiritual & mediumship practices online
ADVANCED DIPLOMA PREREQUISITE: This Course Is Magical! Mother Nature Wisdom & Power, Mindfulness, Enchanted Food, Magic Uses & Bewitching Medicine.
Learn Psychological Self-Defense, Survival Skills, Weapon Savy, Self-Preservation, Threat Checking & Escape Techniques
OPTIONAL PREREQUISITE: Heal your pain, remove shame, understand trauma, the rules of estrangement, cultural social psychology and self-Love!
Learn personal styling, colors, image & body wellness, innovative wardrobe, any age confidence, comfort & self-love!
Learn the Styles of Channeling, How to Channel, Feelings of Channeling, Channel Writing, Who & What You Can Channnel
Learn Styles & Practices in The Art of Meditation, Healing, Peace, Positive Mindfulness Sessions, Astral Travel & More
Cultural Studies: Learn to Make an African Ceremonial Alter Doll & Healing Paket Kongo Used to Heal the Body and Spirit
This Mini Master Class Covers the Psychology and Sociology of Parent & Family Estrangement: Certified & Accredited
OPTIONAL PREREQUISITE: Apply positive psychology, heal major transitions in life: relationships, success, grief, goals, anger, conflict & more
A Master Class on Traditional and Self-Publishing, How & Where to Market Your Book and Do's & Don'ts Based on Experience. Get Published! Learn Amazon Kindle & Print (KDP), Google Play Books, Kobo, BN, Marketing, Strategy| Super Master Class
3rd, 4th & 5th Dimensional Charka Healing. Egyptian Seichim Energy Healing. Energy Work, Sound, Vibration, Sonic Healing
OPTIONAL PREREQUISITE: Know the Blueprint & Philosophy of Happiness. Supplemental Training for Coaches, Counselors, Therapists, Healers, Humans
A Psychology Master Class in Recognizing Emotional Manipulation, Toxic People & Owning Your Power to Respond vs React
A Psychology Master Class On Disabilities, Depression, Triggers, Relationships, Mental Health, Discipline & Realizations
The Ultimate Guide to Balance; of Life, Love & How to Live In Harmony with Others and Yourself! Soul Mastery Work!
Learn Practical Cooking Fundamentals, Basics & Kitchen Culinary Skills Essential For The Everyday Home Cook!
Accredited Psychic, Medium, Intuitive Card Reading! Learn the Mysteries of Numerology, Spirit and Psychic Intuitiveness!
This professional coaching course is a comprehensive life coaching system, complete with step-by-step session guides
OPTIONAL PREREQUISITE: Learn a humanistic, soul care approach using strategy, positive psychology, emotional/impulse responses & natural empathy.
Follow This Writer's Series, Look At Author Life, Dedication, Skills, Methods, Creativity, Marketing and Communities!
Receive Couples Counseling, Learn Relationship Intelligence, Build Healthy Relationships. Counsel, Coach, Help Others!

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