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T Pinda Diallo is a graduate of Sunderland University London Campus. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Social care and a Master’s degree in Public Health.

I am a Holistic therapist in Bowen therapy no massage, cupping/ Hijama therapy, in Quantum touch healing, supplement, and dietary advisor and training to be a wellness health coach

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Hijama is the application of cups through the vacuum to certain points on your body. Once cups are in position blood is drawn into the cups through small skin incisions made prior. The aim of Hijama is to extract stagnated or congested blood from certain points around your body. The theory is that such blood could slow down the delivery of much-needed oxygen, mineral electrolytes, vitamins, enzymes, immune system cells & antibodies to your cells, tissues, and organs Massage cupping therapy by positioning the cups on and around the reflex point of the body which creates suction through the manual pump. This practice draws fluid into the area, increases circulation to the treated area reducing pain and inflammation. It may relieve muscle tension and reduce pain and can be used to treat a range of conditions
The Bowen Method is hands-on therapy using gentle pressure precise points on the body with thumbs and fingers. Bowen’s technic is sets of gentle rolling-type moves and the treatment is incredibly relaxing as it switches your body from the sympathetic nervous system to its healing relaxation parasympathetic system phase. The method works by stimulating the connective tissue of the body and prompts the body to reset, repair, and balance itself. It relieves physical pain and aid with mental health. This approach is suitable for the elderly, adults, children, and babies
To advise an individual on the safe and effective way to use the food supplements in order to maintain good health and maximize a healthy lifestyle with the science of food.
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