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So what can a Health, Nutrition and Life Coach do for you? After a initial free consultation or attendance to one of my presentations. You will be booked in to work closely together for a starting period of 3 months. I suggest this be this time frame as it takes time to build a relationship, cover all expectations, set goals, cover all Health, Nutrition, Goal and character assessments and then put together your plan of action.

Each month includes 10 hours of my time, normally split up in two half days, and then 2 hour slots, which will include what ever we decide in the planning process. It may be a half day at your home going through assessments, a half day out food shopping then cooking a meal together, a trip to the gym, or a long walk to discuss your current progress, in introduction to a Yoga or Pilates session, or to meet some key friends or family who could help your journey. Or just an update chat on your current progress. Whatever suits your requirement and goal plan. You will often be given additional homework to do, and you can call me or jump in my zoom chatroom if you have questions you need help with every now and then.

There are 3 stages to progress through while working with your Coach, and also understand that the process will nearly always go in this order, as it is necessary for me to develop and understanding of you as a person first before we move to the next steps. To see more, visit www.terrigriffiths.co.uk

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