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Intuitive Healer
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I have always had an inner knowing.  That feeling of just knowing something.  I am also an empath.  

I feel the subtle flux of people and their moods, and in most cases their needs.

When I was a child, I did not understand this.  I just was aware that being around certain people would affect my mood.  It would not be until I was an adult that the term EMPATH would explain and open up a whole new universe to me.

I always knew I wanted to help people.  From a young age, I was told, I would either do something to make people laugh, or go into a career where I would help others.  People instinctively trust me.  Most times people seek me out in a group to just talk and connect.

My faith in God is undying.  He has called on me to be a healer.  By this I mean an internal healer of the mind and soul.  I believe He feels I can be a balm to the spiritual soul of people.  That my relationship with Him is so grounded in the fabric of my being, that I can help heal those that are struggling with their relationship with Him.

I have been developing a lot of my abilities and learning new ways to help others. Working with Auras, Akashic Records and Medical Mediumship, I am able to connect with you on a level that I hope you walk away feeling better than when you came.

I have my diploma in counseling science with a focus on family, addiction, abuse and grief.  I am constantly learning and growing and have been adding life coaching to my skill set as well.

At my core I want to help people.  Whether it is  to strengthen your relationship with others, with God, move you through trauma, or just to help you unlock the answers already held within you.

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45855 Foxglove Avenue, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada


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