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Hi, I am Wayne and passionate in our wellbeing and that of our animals too.  Ten years ago, if someone asked me where I saw myself today, I would have said working in my 9-5 job commuting back and forth across the country working the same 10-15 hrs a day– however today my path could not have been furthest from my wildest dreams. I am a qualified Reiki Master and practice both Reiki & Angelic Complementary Holistic Healing.

As a Healing Practitioner my sessions go well beyond the norm, both in the wellbeing to our Minds, Bodies & Souls and that of the Animal kingdom as well. Through both my personal journey and that of my clients and client animals/pets, my experience has led me to go much deeper to get to the route of any current day problems or issues one maybe having. I therefore go back to understand past life history, clearing of any Karma, Soul Contracts/cords and unfortunately cords which may have be passed on through ones or one’s animals DNA from past Family Generation’s, these all playing a part to our wellbeing of today.

As part of my Healing sessions, I offer the following (these may differ slightly depending whether this is for oneself or ones animals/pets):

  • Remote Healing session with my Angelic Healing Guides/Animal Healing Spirit Guides
  • Identify any Chakras which may require healing
  • Soul Type
  • Present Life Traumas
  • Past Life attached Soul Cords
  • Present Life Soul Cords
  • Past Life trauma’s
  • Present Life trauma’s
  • Ancestral Linerage – whether any Karma needs to be cut from any past/present father/mother or ancestral generations – One must go back 12 generations within this of session.

During the COVID-19 UK lockdowns, I found myself drawn to further research and development in this and other Reiki & Angelic Healing fields along with educational studies & Qualifications on a range of subjects.

I have numerous internationally recognized qualifications in various Complimentary Holistic Therapies

Please feel free to drop me a message.

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38 Wynsome Street, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, United Kingdom


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Reiki Energy Healing levels I, II & Master
NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner Cert.
Psychic Development
Akashic Records Diploma
Ancestral Healing Diploma
Spiritual Life Coaching Diploma
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