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Zen Toronto is an Entrepreneur, Spiritualist, Philanthropist, and Passionate author of spiritual sagas &  therapeutic books, to unlock self-motivation and powerful self-healing.

Born, as an Indigo, she has naturally had supernatural advantages, but she rejects all things mystical or superstitious.  she chooses “living spiritually” as the motto and key to a healthy, happy, and abundant life.

Having more than 30 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and deep experience as a Spiritualist, Founder of Angelic Ho’oponopono, Founder of Angelic Reiki Tridhatu. Master in Neo Zen Qie, Angelic Reiki, Master of Akashic Record has given her confidence as a solid foundation as Spiritual Coaching. Mastering the art of living: Healthy – Happy – Wealthy.

Zen Toronto does not offer a mystical experience beyond logic, but she will walk with you, to learn the art of ” living spiritually ” Healthy – Happy- Abundant” in a completely reasonable and achievable way. for whoever you are, no supernatural experience is required.

Should you have anything to discuss with her, both in therapeutic writing or spirituality, please feel free to drop your message to : Instagram @zen.toronto


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Mt. Lawu Area Hutan Gondosuli Tawangmangu Regency, Karanganyar, Central Java, Indonesia


-7.6275, 111.1941666


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  • Hi, I do, appreciate your courage to read this post and download the book. Why? It because you have changed your perception, namely : 1. Many people think that FREE BOOKS / Products are not valuable. 2. Zen Lifestyle is synonymous with the life of Zen Monks; Leaving the pleasures of life, and meditating all […]

    Jun 27, 2021 2 years ago