With Professional Membership You Can,

  • Enhance Client Reassurance
  • Backed by an Ethical Code of Conduct
  • All Qualified Therapists
  • Supported by an International Body
All Members Qualify for a 5 Star Listing AND Profile in our Business Directory.


Professional Membership for Qualified Therapists Seeking Professional Membership and Insurance, benefits include:
  • Internationally Recognised Membership Status
  • All your Qualifications Covered under One Membership.
  • Membership Certificate
  • Access to Discounted Practitioner Insurance
  • Access to Members Benefits
  • Member Discounts and Resources
  • Members Stationary Kit Downloads
  • Exclusive Discounts off Further Education and Training and the Opportunity to apply for Approved Training Provider Status with the IAOTH
  • Free EXTENSIVE 5 Star Directory Listing
  • Free Business Advertising via our Online Therapists Directory
Your own personalised web page – this is where you can promote your service, including;
  • what therapies you offer
  • photos and even videos
  • full contact details – a web link, email address, phone number, where you practice
  • list of professional body memberships
  • links to social media
  • testimonials of previous happy clients
  • rates charged for each therapy
All This For ONLY $30*


*denotes an annual recurring fee, all purchases are protected by our 30 day money back guarantee

IAOTH Membership FAQ’s

Full Membership is only $30 pa which includes your free directory listing on our website, promotional materials and professional status. You will need to renew this fee annually to maintain membership status.

Your IAOTH Membership will intitially be instantly approved as our ethos is one of trust of our members, we reserve the right to withdraw membership if we find that membership has been fraudulently applied for; please note we will spot-check your qualifications and also validate relevant industry experience, so please make sure you upload all relevant documentation and information on application. Once you have been approved for IAOTH membership and have been issued a membership number, you will be issued with a membership certificate to support you for insurance purposes etc.

Your first step is to join the IAOTH, you do not need to have insurance in place to be a member of our organisation but we strongly advise that you do once you arrange this for your own safety and protection. Once you are an approved member, we will provide you with access to our members special rates for insurance cover with PolicyBee. Do remember there are other insurance service providers too.

As an international organisation we accept Practitioners and Therapists who have gained qualifications internationally, provided their certification, training and/or experience meets our criteria.

The IAOTH recognises over 1,100+ standard and complementary therapies and modalities. Documentation will be required to recognise membership and we spot-check applicants eligibility with their qualification provider if applicable. We also recognise that often time spent in on-the-job training is not professionally documented and we welcome applications from those with experience rather than a formal certificate (please indicate this on your application). We offer membership to a diverse number of traditional and natural therapies. The IAOTH also welcomes training providers who offer correspondence and distance education courses in natural therapies provided the training meets our criteria and standards. (to find out more about this please click on the Approved Training Provider link)

Yes, absolutely, we are an international therapist organisation offering international membership.

As a recognised member of our organisation you will need to provide copies of any qualifications along with the IAOTH membership registration form online. If you are applying on the basis of work experience then please indicate this on your application. We accept your qualifications and experience in good faith and reserve the right to do a spot-check on your qualification and training to confirm your submitted details for membership with the IAOTH. For those applying for membership through an approved training provider membership is automatically granted and will only be withdrawn if there is a violation of our code of ethics. All members are required to sign the code of ethics for our organisation.

In this day and age we would advise all our Members to take out public liability insurance it is in your own interest to do so.

Yes, we welcome membership to members of existing Associations.

Yes, separate IAOTH Membership is required for each individual practitioner.

Any new qualifications that you have gained after you have been approved as an IAOTH Member, can be added onto your membership.  You will also have access to update your profile listing on the directory using your member log in details.

Your IAOTH membership is valid for 365 days from the date you register and pay for your membership and operates where possible on an annual automatic billing system, we suggest you use PayPal as your preferred payment method as should you choose to opt out you can cancel the recurring payments very easily. We will issue you with an instant refund should there be any issue with your membership application. You are also entitled to a full refund within 14 days of signing up should you decide to cancel your application. You will be sent an email notice to advise you that your renewal is due 2 weeks before the due date, unless cancelled your renewal fee will automatically be deducted from your preferred payment option. You can opt out of the automatic billing anytime by contacting us or if you have signed up using paypal then you can cancel this directly with paypal.

It is not compulsory to do Continuing Professional Development in your field  in order to retain and renew your IAOTH Membership, however we believe that it is a good idea to do so! We grant membership on the basis of your existing qualifications and experience, so provided your existing qualifications and experience meet our criteria your membership can be renewed and maintained.

Yes, as and when you complete new qualifications, simply edit your profile on the therapists directory when this has been done.

If you know of a modality that is not on our list or you are the founder and have pioneered a new modality, you may request to have this approved by the IAOTH for membership and insurance purposes. Send us an email with your details to support@iaoth.com

Here’s how it works: Step 1. Select the join now button, you will be prompted to agree to a code of ethics and you can then submit payment.

Step 2. You will be prompted to create a log-in with password

Step 3. Log-in to your personal profile and start creating your personal profile and membership listing, you can create this in your own time. Some of our members prefer to not have a listing in our online directory and instead use the stationery logos for their advertising. It is by no means compulsory to create an online listing and you may do this at any point in your membership.

Step 4. Your profile will be reviewed by our moderators and any further information needed may be requested by our team.

The IAOTH represents one of the largest list of recognised standard and natural therapy modalities. IAOTH recognises your existing qualifications and we do not require you to do continued professional development to maintain your membership, though we highly recommend that you do to keep your skills up to date. We also recognise international qualifications as well as online education and distant education.

Simply click on our Member log-in and enter your email address and password. Once you are in the members area you will be able to access your account and profile information.

Once your membership is approved, you will be issued with a membership certificate. Your membership number is displayed on your IAOTH membership on the top right hand side.

Just log into the members area with your email and password and select the icon ‘Member Downloads’. Here you can access our logos for use on your promotional materials; adverts, email signatures and website, etc. These logos are for your personal use only and may not be used to denote that you are an approved training provider for the IAOTH. If you would like to register for Approved Training Provider status, please click here.

Log into the members area, and add your new details as and when you get them.

Your membership will automatically renew each year, if your membership has expired you will need to reapply as if you are a new applicant.  If you need to update your payment details, you can log into the members area and renew your membership by following the tabs to do so.

Full Membership provides you with internationally recognised professional status. Full members enjoy a free directory listing and profile on our website and the free advertising that comes with that as we promote our therapists page throughout the world. Members also have access to our approved training provider scheme with an internationally recognised member certificate; .

Yes, our membership provides access to discounted practitioner insurance with our recommended insurers.

IAOTH bills its members on an automated 365 day recurring billing system. This means your membership is valid for a full 365 days from the date of registering with us. Recurring billing ensures your membership is maintained at all times and guarantees you continued access to all of your member benefits as well as maintaining your directory listing. If you wish to opt out of recurring billing, you can either cancel the payment through PayPal (if thats what you used for your initial payment) or  just email our team at: support@iaoth.com

You will be emailed 14 days prior to your renewal, advising you that your  payment method will be debited for the selected renewal amount, this will only occur if you have confirmed that this is how you wish to pay. If you do not wish to renew your membership you can cancel anytime by contacting IAOTH at: support@iaoth.com


Code of Ethics

All Practitioners are asked to sign a code of ethics as part of their commitment to the highest professional standards, practitioners undertake to:
  1. Conduct themselves at all times in accord with their professional status and in such a way as neither undermines public confidence in their profession, nor brings it into disrepute, being aware of professional and personal boundaries.
  2. Maintain strict confidentiality within the client/therapist relationship, always provided that such confidentiality is neither inconsistent with the therapist’s own safety or the safety of the client, the client’s family members or other members of the public.
  3. Ensure that client notes and records be kept secure and confidential and that the use of computer records conforms with the terms of the Data Protection Act
  4. Ensure that all advertising, no matter in what form or medium it is placed, represents a truthful, honest and accurate picture of themselves, their skill-base, qualifications and facilities and that any claims for the successful outcome of treatments (in whatever format) shall be based upon verifiable, fully documented evidence.
  5. Ensure that all advertising shall comply with the Code of Advertising standards for their relevant country. NO therapist from any country may suggest or claim that they can or have cured cancer.
  6. Display only valid qualifications and certificates issued in respect of relevant training courses and events or certificates of registration, validation or accreditation as issued or awarded by relevant professional bodies.
  7. Remain aware of their own limitations and wherever appropriate, be prepared to refer a client to another practitioner or medical adviser who might be expected to offer suitable treatment.
  8. Ensure that wherever a client is seeking assistance for the relief of physical symptoms, that unless having already done so, the client is advised to consult a registered medical practitioner. Practitioners should not attempt to diagnose physical symptoms unless they have undergone relevant medical training in diagnostics.