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सुबह 10 बजे है| सेवा मेरे 04: 00 PM
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सुबह 10 बजे है| सेवा मेरे 04: 00 PM
विराम समय
सुबह 10 बजे है| सेवा मेरे 04: 00 PM
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सुबह 10 बजे है| सेवा मेरे 04: 00 PM
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An opportunity to learn about caregiving skills, as well as the legal and ethical responsibilities, including what you must know and do, while working as a team member. You will be introduced to working as a professional Caregiver, your responsibilities, how you fit into the work environment, what the job entails, principles and standards of care, and the rights of the client. It teaches about elderly (geriatric) care and those clients with disabilities, ethical issues and legal considerations. You will learn how to recognize and to manage your own stress, manage your time, organize and prioritize your tasks. You will learn how to set professional and personal boundaries, and a lot more.
In this mental health course program, you will gain a better understanding of stress and the factors which trigger stress. In this Introduction to Stress Management program you will learn how stress can be triggered by your environment, your body, and even your thoughts. By understanding the issues surrounding stress and it's triggers, you will gain the unique ability to deal with stress. This will become one of the most valuable skills you will learn in life. You will learn to recognize different types of stress and what can cause each one of them. You will also learn why stress can (sometimes) be helpful, as well as how it could easily affect different people in different ways. MODULES: 1. Introduction to Stress 2. Stress and Your Personality
This Infection Prevention and Control Course is for anyone working within the health care and nursing environment, or for any employee where preventive and disease management is required. The infection Prevention and control course is designed to inform the student about the principles and understanding of how the infection spreads, and how we can safely control this. Course: Infection Prevention & Control Course Course Duration: 2 Hours Introduction Infection Sources of infection How infection is transmitted Chain of infection Personal hygiene Hand hygiene Personal protective equipment Needle stick injury & sharp safety Exposure to contamination Waste management Disinfection & cleaning Laundry and linen management Isolation Precautions Covid 19 https://www.clearchoicetraining.com/product-page/infection-prevention-and-control
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