O Międzynarodowym Stowarzyszeniu Terapeutów

O Międzynarodowym Stowarzyszeniu Terapeutów (IAOTH)

  • The IAOTH was formed in 2016 in recognition of the fact that as an organisation, a training establishment, or a therapist, the internet has opened up the world as a potential client base for you and most therapy associations limit their activity to the country they were founded in.
  • We know that our therapists travel, move countries, offer consultations by distance, work by skype, Whatsapp and Facetime, even providing Facebook Live events where your clients could be anywhere in the world. So in recognition of that fact we created the International Association of Therapists where therapists from anywhere could find a unified platform where they could be recognised globally.
  • Many organisations/individuals provide training and or retreats in other countries and we feel it is important to create an international platform to accommodate these types of businesses.
  • To be a member of IAOTH we do not require you to submit yearly personal development activities. We feel this is a restrictive requirement that has led to therapists taking a course for the sake of rather than giving time to professional development that may take several years to complete and is of a better quality than a rushed ten minute course.
  • Ultimately, we are a place which embraces a unity of purpose, in that we all work on some level towards helping our fellow men and women. Here you will find like-minded people and friends you haven’t met yet.
The world is our oyster ! Twój Dr Judith Butler-Haig - CEO