Welcome to the IAOTH ,  I am Christopher and am the dedicated customer support for all the wellness-providers and am available through su*****@ia***.com for you personally. We are excited that you have joined our growing organisation of like-minded individuals doing amazing things to support humanity.

Please remember that you have joined us as an individual member, membership does not mean you can call yourself an IAOTH Accredited Training Provider, if you offer in-person or online training you might like to join us as an accredited training provider, the information, link and discount coupon code is below to find out more.


Membership Profile Settings

Your homepage is where you will enter most information about yourself, to change your profile image, hover your mouse over the top right hand side of the image and a small x appears, click on this to delete and change your image.

Add information about yourself in the About section on this page, scroll down to the very bottom of the page to the Gallery to add images of yourself or photos of your qualification certificates. 

Always click the big blue Submit Information button to save any changes or entries you make. 

If you click on the “profile settings” tab a drop down menu appears with 2 extra tabs marked “qualifications” and another marked “articles”.  
The Qualifications Tab

When you click on the qualifications tab, it brings up a fill in box function on the main screen which says “Accredited Courses”, here you may list any qualifications you may have or any courses you have taken, just click on the Add Qualification button and a drop down box will open for you to fill in. If you do not fill this in then it can just be left blank and it will not show that there is anything missing on the profile page.


The Articles Tab

The articles tab is there if you wish to write an article about anything that is of interest or relevance to what you do, if you leave this blank it is fine as it will not show on the front page if it is empty.

Apply for a Certificate Tab 

Fill in your details in the apply for a certificate tab and the request is automatically emailed to us. We manually create the certificates on Fridays during European office hours and we will then send you your certificate in png format.


Downloads Tab


There are logos available to download in English, Italian and Spanish in the downloads tab for your advertising and website. We are adding other colours from time to time, so check back to see if there is a preferred colour for you.

Become an Accredited Training Provider

if you offer in-person or online training you might like to join us as an accredited training provider, the information and link is below to find out more. If you decide to sign-up you will need to use a different email address to the one you use for your membership account. Also, big bonus, as an existing member you are entitled to a 50% discount off the annual training provider fee taking your cost from $199 USD per year to $99 USD, please use the coupon code CODE50 at checkout and check you have selected the training provider option from the drop-down category menu. (screen shot below)


Kindest regards and welcome once again

Dr Judith Butler-Haig

CEO the International Association of Therapists


Downloads Tab

Here are your member logos below, they are also available under the Member Downloads tab


The following are our older design but you are welcome to use them.