Refunds Policy

The IAOTH’s Cancellation and Refund Policy
If at any time you wish to cancel your membership with the IAOTH, please notify us in writing by emailing our support team on You will receive an email notification from IAOTH 2 weeks prior to your membership renewal date to notify you that your renewal is due and will advise of payment options.

The following is a detailed outline of the IAOTH’s Refund Policy:
Please choose carefully. We do not normally give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision.

The IAOTH shall give refunds for purchases made through the IAOTH website under the following conditions:

  1. For all Membership registrations there is a 14 day cooling off period. Any applicant can choose to cancel their membership and have a full refund of payments made within 14 days of the transaction±.
  2. For refunds after the 14 day cooling off period a 50% refund can be arranged if the IAOTH member has ceased working as a natural therapist or for any other reason.
  3. For all other purchases made through this website including: Directory Registrations, the 14 day cooling off period applies. Beyond 14 days the IAOTH shall not be required to give a refund for purchases made from the said items.