What should I look for when choosing a complementary therapist?

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What should I look for when choosing a complementary therapist?
It is always advisable to do some prior research before choosing a therapist. Initially this can be done online. Check out their qualifications and their experience and look for a therapist who explains how they approach their work, rather than someone trying to sell themselves. It is always good to see a photograph of both the therapist and if possible where they work. This may give you some intuition about whether you could work with this person. The best advice, however is to call them. A phone conversation means you can find out a little bit more about them as a therapist, but also as a person. Do they seem friendly and do are they sympathetic to your needs? Ask them whether they have experience of dealing with other clients with the similar symptoms that you have. Explain what issues you have and listen to how they respond. It is recommended you talk to several therapists before you decide which one is right for you.

What’s the right therapy for me?
In the first instance it is advisable to do some research about which therapies are used to treat your specific symptoms. You are likely to find your symptoms can be treated by more than one therapeutic approach. Some therapies are more physical whereas others focus on psychological aspects. Different treatments suit different people. Ultimately it is a personal decision and you should choose the therapy that you feel most comfortable with, but also one that will deliver the results you desire.

How do I get referred to a therapist by my doctor?
Some therapies are available through your health insurance provider free of charge, for example physiotherapy, or talking therapies such as counselling, psychotherapy, or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). Your GP can usually tell you if a specific therapy is available in your area.

Many complementary therapies are not covered by your health insurance. Despite this your doctor might be able to advise you of an appropriate local private therapist.

How do I know my therapist is properly qualified?
You can ask them where they trained and if they hold a professional qualification. You can take their word and leave it that, however it is recommended that you check the therapist is listed on one of the registers of approved practitioners.

For extra peace of mind you could ask to see their certification and also their documents showing membership of a professional organisation and licence to practice.